Mask Policy (Update: July 9th, 2021)

As we now know the BC Government has moved us up to stage 3 of their Covid Recovery Plan.  For the workplace, this includes switching from a Covid-19 safety plan to a communicable disease plan and allowing for more staff to return to the workplace and more in-person meeting capacity.

We at Reportex have worked hard to safely accommodate our clients who required a safe and efficient space for in-person legal services throughout this pandemic.   And while the BC PHO has dropped the mask mandate to a recommended status, the BC Centre for Disease Control still encourages masks to be worn in indoor settings and especially for those not yet fully vaccinated.

Being that this includes a great many of our in-office staff, we ask that you continue to respect the safety of our staff, yourself, and your clients and wear a mask inside all common areas, and meeting rooms unless plexiglass barriers are present.

For in-person meetings, we are also going to continue to limit the number of people present to 6, including the court reporter.  We will review and revise this policy as new health & safety information presents itself. 

You can learn more about our safety protocols here.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.  Our goal is to always ensure the best service for our clients and this includes your health & safety.