An international firm with a local touch, Veritext is the leader in court reporting and litigation support solutions with a proven track record of industry excellence.

As we shape the future of our industry, our clients will have access to new efficiencies and leading-edge legal services all across the country, along with a supportive and integrated network of court reporting, e-solutions and effective legal tech professionals at their fingertips.

We provide coverage across all of Canada, including state-of-the-art conference rooms, advanced technology, remote and hybrid services, expert court reporters and unparalleled client service.

Our solutions utilize the latest easy-to-use technologies to streamline and reliably handle the most complex cases. All of this, combined with unmatched data security (including PIPA, PIPEDA and all provincial compliance), ensure that Veritext clients have the best tools available and the confidence of working with the North American market leader.

Accurate, timely transcripts are the hallmark of any competent court reporting firm. The ability to deliver when the unpredictable occurs, or when a case requires a high level of innovation to get the job done, is our forte.

Exceptional services for exceptional cases.