Veritext is excited to present an in-depth look at the cultural and technical considerations for transcribing oral Indigenous testimony in this complimentary one-hour webinar.  Join Nigel Baker-Grenier, J.D. of White Raven Law, and Mike Parkhill O.Ont., MSM, Founder of SayITFirst. Together we will explore the relationship between counsel, Indigenous witnesses, and the court reporter as we discuss the following:

    • Cultural Considerations; Engaging in respectful, effective approaches to Indigenous language in an adversarial process
    • Orthography Protocols: Creating alignment between the parties and the court reporter on spelling and transcription style
    • Word Spellers: Identifying and working with Indigenous language speakers and spellers
    • Managing Software Limitations: Utilizing linguistic crosswalks and spelling concordances to pinpoint word variants in transcripts
    • Protecting the Record: Producing an accurate transcript without prejudicing other parties or compromising the court reporter’s impartiality
    • Managing Transcript Errata: Identifying and correcting errors without changing or expanding on testimony

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