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Let’s Connect: A warm welcome to the Reportex Community (Blog Launch)

By Megan Ejack, Marketing & Communications Director

Life begins and ends with connection.

To connect means to share something – an experience, a moment, a wifi password, a smile…

Whether we are living during a pandemic or not, connection is everything – it is a basic human need. Without it, we can become lost.

At Reportex we are always looking for new ways to connect with our clients, with our community and with our team. From the moment you call us to book a boardroom or a proceeding, to the smiling faces who greet you when you walk through our doors, we pride ourselves on the personal connections we make every day. When you are in our office, Chef Nye and the office services team aim to provide a seamless experience from beginning to end, full of special touches, and although we aren’t there right now to physically provide you with the thoughtful extras we are known for, our entire team is still working hard behind the scenes. 

As we have taken a step back from in-office life these past weeks, our tech team has stepped up to help us stay on the leading edge of our e-services so our clients can remain connected to their work. 

The legal community as a whole has really moved into a time of vast innovation, and as we look towards the future of our industry we will continue to provide workshops and training to help navigate these new platforms and tools.

In fact, these training workshops and platforms like Zoom, WebEx and Teams have allowed for a new kind of connection!  In a strange way, it has been nice to be able to see all of your faces out of your work attire, in your homes and kitchens, with children or pets lounging in the background.  Professional has become personal.

At Reportex our leadership is striving to keep our team connected through regular check-ins, social media and platforms like Zoom and Slack that allow us to move forward with our work.  We continue to host meetings, offer teambuilding workshops and even enjoy a few virtual happy hours together. We recently conducted all of our performance reviews online, which was a totally new and highly successful experience.

We have always had team members located all over North America – from the West Coast, through the Kootenays and Midwest to the East Coast – but we are suddenly tapping into all these fun ways to get to know each other a little better. This is especially important for our newest colleagues, having recently joined forces with Island Reporters and our new division, All-Star by Reportex!

We are all finding new ways to connect.

As our social media community continues to grow through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn we have launched this blog as another means of sharing information and creating even more connection. Over the coming weeks we will be introducing you to various members of the Reportex team as they share their thoughts on connection, keeping you current with our regular ‘Security & Remote Services’ update and providing fresh, informative and entertaining content.

First up on the blog (next week) will be the face you see when you walk through the door, Nicole Riglietti, our Receptionist/Client Services ambassador!

We hope you continue to stay well during these challenging times. Please remember we are here to help, and we are only a quick call, click or email away.

Stay safe and connected. We are #inthistogether.