Connect Series: Meet Nicole Riglietti our Receptionist/Client Services Ambassador!

When you walk in the door or call the Reportex office, often the first smiling face or cheerful voice you will hear is that of our Receptionist/Client Services Ambassador, Nicole Riglietti. Nicole joined the team in November and has since been a tremendous asset to the Reportex team. Nicole is known for her cheery disposition and good vibes, even on the gloomiest Vancouver days.

Highly talented and creative with a background in directing, writing and acting, Nicole has starred in a commercial she wrote and directed for the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, a national commercial for Lay’s potato chips and Romeo e Giulietta, a bilingual (English & Italian) play that she directed, edited and produced. A review of her production can be read here.

When not at the office, Nicole enjoys being in nature, spending time with her dogs and exploring her creativity through writing comedic skits, short stories/films and theatrical plays.

We recently interviewed Nicole on our theme of ‘connection’ and to see how she was making out during these challenging times. Here is what she had to say:

How have you found meaningful ways to connect with your work during these challenging times?

During these unprecedented – sometimes distressing – times, which often feel like that old spaghetti western ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, I have been doing my best to find ways to connect professionally. I have been one of the fortunate few who have been able to continue working, but working remotely is new to me and has a very different feel than being in the office. I am a social being and crave connection in my everyday life.

With the sudden move to working remotely, I found myself missing my co-workers and our clients and the day-to-day interactions, the friendly smiles, the sweet moments of ‘Welcome to work’ and ‘Welcome to Reportex’.

To combat these feelings of loss, I decided to reach out to some of our clients and to Reportex team members via email. It was a great feeling to re-connect, share and check in. There are so many unique clients and team mebers, and I often feel grateful to be part of such a wonderful, diverse team and community! We all need each other and we are all here to help each other.

My family in Italy has said from the beginning of this pandemic ‘Vinceremo’, which translates to ‘We Will Win’. And all of us together, we will.

Have you found a way to connect with your community during these challenging times?

Where there is deep sorrow, there is pure joy.

Like two sides of a coin – the yin and the yang – sorrow and joy are intrinsically connected. Humans around the world have united together to cheer on our healthcare workers at 7:00 p.m. during the shift change, encouraging, supporting and showing our immense gratitude for their sacrifice so that we may carry on, safe and healthy. I have joined this inspirational trend of banging my pots and pans, with loving kindness in my heart.

In fact, it has become a type of game. In my quiet neighbourhood in South Vancouver, what began with children creating all the noise led to me wanting to support the kids. They were trying so desperately to get the adults to join in around the block, so I answered their call and realized how much joy it brought me. In an instant I felt connected, strong and not alone. Each evening the banging became louder and louder as one by one more households joined in. The game became who could cheer the loudest.

I did not realize how a simple act could unite us all.

I also have had some of the best video chats with my dear friends who live in New York, Chicago and Toronto and with my family in Italy. We chat weekly, sharing many belly laughs.

How have you connected with yourself during these challenging times?

During this time I have tried to find balance and connection through meditating, dancing, singing and writing. I find myself loving the serene moments, especially when meditating outside, listening to the birds singing around me. I have been connecting with my inner child, dancing and singing and putting on performances in front of the mirror or even for my dogs. It’s a release of effervescent energy which naturally flows through me. I find solace in writing, especially during these troubled times. One of my favourite songs has a couple of stanzas which perfectly sums up how I’m feeling with the new normal amongst us.

Nicole and her dogs.

We thank Nicole for her time!

Check back in next Friday when we will be featuring Operations Director & Realtime Reporter Leanne Kowalyk.