Mandatory Zoom 5.0 Upgrade, Zoom Meeting Tips & MS Teams Reminder

By Kiran Deol, Appeals Coordinator & E-Trial Tech

Important: Mandatory Zoom 5.0 Upgrade

Effective May 30, 2020, you must upgrade your Zoom account to version 5.0 in order to attend any meetings.  You can check your current version of Zoom by going to the main screen (before you log in).  At the bottom of the page you will see the version that you are currently using.  If you do not have the latest version of Zoom, you will be asked to upgrade by your Reportex Technician, as failing to do so will result in technical issues.

Zoom meeting Tips

These tips will help you prepare for your upcoming zoom meeting.

Please remember that a dedicated Reportex technician is always available on our remote proceedings to assist with any technical issues that might arise.

Internet Connectivity

In order to have the best possible Zoom experience, you need to start with an appropriate internet speed to avoid lagging.

  • If possible, use a hardwired connection (as opposed to wifi).
  • Zoom recommends a 25 mbps download speed and 5 mbps upload speed. You can test your connection at If your speed does not meet these parameters, you should contact your internet service provider to discuss your options to upgrade your speed.
  • Avoid running multiple applications while attending a Zoom meeting, as this can slow down your internet speed significantly.
  • Avoid running Zoom (or any other conferencing platform) through a VPN or virtual desktop, as this can create connection and audio difficulties. Instead, join the Zoom proceedings locally on your computer.

Sharing Documents Onscreen

Zoom allows users to share documents right on your screen for everyone to see. Follow these tips to create a smooth experience for everyone:

  • Always ‘stage’ the documents you want to put to a witness. Having them open as PDFs (or in a folder on your desktop that is readily accessible)
  • Sharing documents will allow everyone in the meeting to see the specific document
  • Sharing your screen will share your entire screen, including your toolbars, desktop and whatever program/document/website you have open

Note: Reportex suggests sharing documents rather than sharing your entire screen as you may have sensitive documents open (such as your examination questions).


In order to replicate as close to an in-person proceeding as possible, please do the following to facilitate clear video and sound:

  • Avoid sitting in front of a window to avoid creating a shadow. Instead, try to have a window in front of you or beside you. If you must have a window behind you, add a lamp to your work area for added light.
  • Do a test at to ensure your webcam and mic are functioning properly
  • If you are connected via multiple devices, mute one of them to avoid echoing
  • If you do not need to speak, mute your mic so that there is no background noise

MS Teams Reminder

The Provincial Court recently announced the approval of MS Teams for trials.

A step-by-step guide to appearing in a MS Teams proceeding and surrounding etiquette can be found here.

While at Reportex we prefer to use the Zoom and WebEx platforms, we are prepared to support our clients using MS Teams. We will be offering firm training sessions on MS Teams for clients who are required to use that platform for court or any other remote proceeding. To book a MS Team training session, please contact us today and we will be happy to assist.

Kiran Deol, Appeals Coordinator & E-Trial Tech