Connect Series: Meet Leanne Kowalyk our Operations Director & Realtime Court Reporter!

Meet our Operations Director/Realtime Court Reporter, Leanne Kowalyk. Leanne joined the team in 2014 and has since been an irreplaceable asset to the Reportex team.

A highly skilled and experienced realtime court reporter with a background in mentoring newly graduated court reporting “grasshoppers,” Leanne (in addition to her work in Canada) has extensive experience working on a variety of international arbitrations, high court and American depositions throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

When not at the office, Leanne enjoys competitive dragonboat paddling, non-competitive curling, doing multi-day hikes and hanging out with Milo, her four-month brown mutt.

We recently interviewed Leanne on our theme of ‘connection’ and to see how she was making out during these challenging times. Here is what she had to say:

How have you found meaningful ways to connect with your work during these challenging times?

Taking time during my work days to step away and regroup mentally has strengthened my clarity and focus and processing abilities. I feel this has allowed me to better apply myself in my role and assuage the burnout I was feeling pre COVID-19.

Have you found a way to connect with your community during these challenging times?

I have been connecting with family and friends over Zoom during this time, and we have been getting our weekly (ish 😉) take-out to support our local businesses (and breweries!)  I have found people are much more social when I am out walking with my puppy, which has helped me feel more connected to my community.  We have even had people asking us to walk by their house/establishment regularly so they can watch little Milo grow!

How have you connected with yourself during these challenging times?

I have attempted to work regular meditation and yoga into my schedule, which doesn’t always happen, but when it does I find it makes a big difference in my day.  I have also been embracing the quiet and solitary time that I don’t normally have in my life to reflect, refresh, enjoy a cup of tea and just breathe.

Also while spending so much time on Zoom and thus experiencing the dreaded Zoom fatigue, I am trying to spend more time “unplugged” when I am at home, either reading, playing crib with my hubby, being more creative in the kitchen, etc.

Speaking about connection generally, is there something specific that inspires you about this idea?

While taking advantage of the time to connect with myself, I do feel a weight slowly lifting.  I enjoy my work and life more when I feel rested and balanced and more able to apply myself to the task at hand.  I feel inspired to keep that going post COVID.

I am acutely aware of how I am choosing to spend my time while everyone is staying home, who I am connecting with and why I am choosing those specific individuals.  It gives me a chance to reassess my own value system and priorities, both in relation to my work and my personal life.

We thank Leanne for her time!

Check back in next Friday when we will be featuring Business Development Director Erin Monahan.

Meet Milo!