Connect Series: Meet Megan Ejack our Marketing & Communications Director!

Meet our Marketing & Communications Director, Megan Ejack. Megan joined the team in March 2019, and has since been an amazing asset to the Reportex team. Megan is known for her strong leadership and interpersonal skills and endless creativity.

A highly experienced visionary with a background in dance, communications and strategic planning, Megan previously worked at TLABC for 12 years as their Development Director.

When not at the office, Megan enjoys football, travel, sunshine and wine and is currently working towards her certification at the acclaimed International Sommelier’s Guild (ISG).

We recently interviewed Megan on our theme of ‘connection’ and to see how she was making out during these challenging times. Here is what she had to say:

How have you found meaningful ways to connect with your work during these challenging times?

I feel incredibly grateful to be able to keep working, albeit a little differently, but it has also been very intense to lead a team, with my colleagues, through this crisis. I’ve found that the key is balance. People are looking to you for answers and assurance, and there is a huge push to adapt quickly and keep the business running, so you have to try and remain calm and focused even when things are in chaos around you. There have been days when putting on a brave face has taken everything I have. But knowing that what we’re doing really does matter and is helping the whole industry keep running feels amazingly gratifying.

I have found some solace in my role as Mktg & Comms Director, because it’s my job (even in normal times) to find ways to connect with our team, our clients and our industry. But these days, I get to be a little more creative! In many ways, I have found inspiration in new platforms to use, in connecting through our social media and our marketing efforts, as well as checking in with our team as much as possible.  

It helps to have the greatest team beside you, for the good days and the hard ones… and wine, wine helps too.

Have you found a way to connect with your community during these challenging times?

Despite being isolated on my own, I’ve been really grateful for what I affectionately have been calling my morning and evening freedom walks in my neighbourhood. I live in Kitsilano and I like to walk down to the beach. As I pass my neighbours who are doing the same, it has been nice to slow down and take the time to say hello or good morning more than usual… and the faces are becoming familiar, it really feels like a community now.

Although it has always been part of my life, I feel that I’ve also been really focused on shopping and supporting local. There are so many new options for delivery and services coming out of this, it’s easier than ever to support my neighbourhood restaurants and businesses. I imagine that there will be a huge focus on continuing to support, shop and travel locally and prioritize supporting our Canadian economy.

Also – the Facebook group “What do you see from your window” has been a shining light joining people from across the world – all of us existing in this same pandemic! Really cool.

How have you connected with yourself during these challenging times?

It has been more important than ever to really listen to my body and soul as we navigate our health, the media, business, family, fear, anxiety and the whole range of emotions every day. I carve out the time to meditate each morning and afternoon and to move my body, even if it’s just a short walk or some yoga.

I’ve also been fueling my mind with productive and positive things to combat the fear and uncertainty. I’ve been focusing on developing my leadership skills through the ‘Masterclass’ app and I’ve also been reading a lot – my recent favourite is ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle.

Speaking about connection generally, is there something specific that inspires you about this idea?

Everything about connection inspires me.
Understanding how we are all interconnected and how we connect to our own selves in this world is truly all there is.

Megan’s recent favourite read.