Connect Series: Meet Nancy Gratham, our Medicolegal Transcription QC Director!

At Reportex we do so much more than just court reporting!

We have many different departments offering all types of litigation support — from discoveries, mediations and other legal proceedings, to legal tech and editing services, to trial coordination and even a whole medicolegal section. Our medical transcribers transcribe expert reports, reference materials and other documents needed during the litigation process. Nancy Gratham (along with her colleague Louise Kennedy) leads a specialized team that is key to Reportex’s ongoing success.  

As the medicolegal transcription quality control director for Reportex, Nancy is responsible for managing our vast medicolegal transcription reference materials, overseeing the consistency of our medicolegal report style (including adherence to the Rules of Court) and training all of our new medicolegal team members.


We recently asked Nancy a few questions. Here is what she had to say:

What do you like most about being a medicolegal transcription QC director at Reportex?

What’s not to love? I love my medicolegal team, which is made of the most dedicated, skilled, hard-working, unflappable women imaginable. The Reportex leadership team is cut from the very same cloth and has been an inspiration as they’ve faced down the unrivalled challenges 2020 has so far thrown their way. I’ve always loved working with words and with documents, so that’s a win. Our medical specialist clients are the best at what they do, and every day presents new language, new cases and new challenges. I also love being completely immersed in it all without having to commute to do so.

Did you find this career, or did it find you?

This career definitely found me. Teenage me only wanted to work at a magazine, so that’s what I set out to do. Years later I was managing editor at Western Living, and as much as I loved the work and the people who came with it, when I had my first baby, I knew I had to find a way to work closer to home. After a few years of freelance writing I came across an article with a picture of a woman who was sitting at her dining room table and waxing poetic about her work as a medical transcriber. I was hooked by the idea of a new challenge and by the prospect of never having to pitch an editor another story, so I went back to school, and 15 years later here we are.

Sushi or tacos?

Sushi! No explanation necessary.

What is your top tip for staying productive while working from home?

Work in a deadline-based business. Deadlines are the best motivators! 

More practically, I have a lovely office in my home where nothing happens but work. I “go to work” every morning and don’t leave the office until the job is done for the day. While I cherish the lack of commute, I treat my workday as though I’ve left my house behind entirely. Laundry and dishes and dust mites only exist outside of business hours. 

A genie gives you three wishes — what are they?

  1. A COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. Everyone who is able gets said vaccine.
  3. Chef Nye mysteriously moves into my house and is made exceptionally happy by plying me with his latest creations.