Mindset Series Week 2: Name Your Feeling #WellnessWednesday

“We should lock the door and scream that curse word we know. It’s a good one!” – Anger, Inside Out

Last week on the blog we discussed the importance of acknowledging/naming the circumstance (perceived problem/change). This week we will discuss the importance of acknowledging/naming how we think and feel about the circumstance (perceived problem/change).

Step 2: Feeling – Acknowledge/name how you think and feel about the circumstance (perceived problem/change)
You may not be able to change the thing that is stressing you, in which case your only option is to change your perspective if you want less stress. First, however, you will need to know what your current perspective/feeling is on the issue.

For example:
You can’t change that there is a reorganization happening, but you can change your perspective.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my perspective on this thing?
  • What do I think and feel about it?
  • How is it showing up in my life?
  • How am I talking about it with others?
  • What is my attitude about it?

Pro tip:
Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how we feel. This movie from 2015 does a great job at showcasing all the emotions that live in all of us to varying degrees. It does so in a fun and approachable manner. See the trailer for Inside Out here.