The (R)evolution is Here – the A – Z in FAQs

By Megan Ejack, Director of Marketing & Communications

We’ve entered a new age.

As the world continues to change and evolve, so do we. With everything going on around us, there is a glimmer of light at the end of this long, dark 2020 tunnel, and with that comes a shift in perspective. We have been offered a remarkable opportunity to redesign our lives, not only in how we work but also in how we continue to connect. What was born out of necessity has shifted, giving us a new vision of how we could thrive in our day to day — even in court. This is a chance to really evaluate the virtual and hybrid tools that have become so readily available to us and consider how to continue to integrate them as we move forward.

There is possibility everywhere. But where to begin?

We recently introduced you to the Reportex (R)evolution — a new perspective on connection through technology. When you join us in the (R)evolution, you will find yourself opening up to these new ways of working, with access to personalized tech support to enhance your evolving practice. You will be able to choose to continue to conduct virtual or hybrid proceedings, to enhance your in-person options with new tools and to learn to use practical solutions that will help you to appear in the office or in court safely and remotely.

Whether you want to continue to work fully remotely or you miss that in-person connection, the Reportex team will help facilitate a solution for you through our flexible and supportive options. We will be highlighting each of our e-services over the coming weeks and months, with continued updates on new developments as they arise.

Reportex has always been a tech-forward company on the forefront of innovation, but our goal is to ensure that the way we adopt tech doesn’t leave our clients in the dust. No matter your comfort level with technology, Reportex can get you up and running on your schedule.

When we first said that we are in this together, we meant it. Now as our legal community moves boldly into this new era, our team is committed to providing you with the information and tools to successfully navigate the terrain and remain effective and connected along the way.

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