The Shape of Things to Come

Welcome to E-Solutions — The Future of Legal Services

The future is now.

It may seem to have happened overnight, but the evolution in legal technology we have experienced over the past two years has been possible only because of the advancements that have been happening behind the scenes for much longer than that. That, and the willingness of our clients to get on board.

Even before the world changed, teams across the nation were laying the groundwork for virtual and hybrid court proceedings in anticipation of a new era of work. Our team takes great pride in the ability to look into our crystal ball to determine what the future of court reporting and legal services could look like. Ensuring that we are consistently a step ahead is what helps keep us leading the pack — always with the goal of serving our clients and our partners through excellence and innovation.

So when the time came, we were ready. The value of developing e-solutions encompasses much more than simply being a response to the pandemic and a new virtual climate. It is in fact an integral piece in the evolution of an industry that relies on three things: accurate information, access to justice and connection. The impact of e-solutions on these three things is immense, especially in a world where effective action is key and the ability to continuously adapt to the ever-changing landscape — crucial.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out ongoing information about all of our e-solutions and services, connecting you with the latest in legal tech that connects.

Today we are launching the first piece of that puzzle — our new E-Solutions page

From this page you will find access to all the new and evolving information for your virtual and hybrid needs. It will be your guide to navigating all of the possibilities available to our clients as we continue to forge ahead.

Take your legal proceedings into the future — with a custom approach for your needs.

Stay tuned to learn more on how to build your own e-trial!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

— John F. Kennedy