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Webinar: AI & the Record – The Canadian Edition

There is still time to register for our next complimentary webinar on June 27th.

In this webinar, we will look at the growing role of AI in legal settings and how it’s changing portions of the legal landscape in Canada, as well as look at the critical considerations for its ethical usage and practice.

We will examine the different types of AI, including generative AI such as voice-to-text transcription, content summarization tools, the critical and multi-faceted role of a court reporter and the potential impacts on the legal field. We will address the challenge of identifying and avoiding deepfakes and ways to ensure the accuracy and integrity of legal transcripts. We will also review recent case studies and real-world applications of both successful and unsuccessful AI usage in legal proceedings.

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This course is approved in British Columbia for 1 (one) hour of CPD credit. Please check with your provincial law society regarding CPD credit requirements.

AI in Legal Tech

Featured Article:

Empowering Legal Professionals: Navigating AI Solutions for Efficiency and Data Security

By Mike Murray and Tony Donofrio

Reprinted with the permission of  Mike Murray, Director of Client Solutions, and This article was originally published in April 2024.

Case Center Webinar Art

Don’t Miss Out! There is Still Time to Register for our Complimentary CPD Webinar

On March 28, we will host a one-hour complimentary webinar with two of Case Center’s leading consultants here in Canada who will share an exclusive look at how Case Center can integrate content and technology and support you in effectively managing digital cases.  Specifically, we will:

  • Discover Case Center
  • Review Industry Use Cases
  • Explore Features & Benefits
  • Discuss Key Considerations

The Honourable Kristine Eidsvik, KC, will also share her view from the bench, and we will run a mock virtual hearing to showcase the many presentation tools of the Case Center platform.

Join us as we take a deep dive into Case Center and discover the tools it offers to organize, share, review, and present documentary and multimedia materials from a single cloud-based repository.  Experience the ease with which Case Center directs everyone to the right document and learn how to get the most out of your cross-examination with its key features and benefits. 

Press Release Announcement

Press Release: Veritext Legal Solutions Releases Smart Summary

Livingston, New Jersey – March 13, 2024 – Veritext Legal Solutions, the leader in court reporting services and innovative litigation support solutions, today announces the release of Smart Summary, an AI-generated and editable draft summarization of the official proceeding transcript.

Smart Summary is delivered alongside the certified transcript and provides legal teams with efficiency when it comes to case strategy and the transcript summarization process. With Smart Summary, the legal team has access to a draft page-line summary in an editable format to easily mark up text and highlight key testimony.

Benefits of Smart Summary include:

  • Convenient delivery with the certified transcript and access anytime via the MyVeritext web portal.
  • Access to the power of AI without the risks of open engine models training, storing or using sensitive and confidential information.
  • Production in adherence to Veritext’s stringent data security protocols.
  • Delivery in Microsoft Word so the summary can be modified, highlighted, etc.
  • Preformatting for the needs of legal teams, including transcript page-line references alongside summarization.
  • A quality review by a human before being sent to a client.

“Smart Summary uses the power of AI to give legal teams a head start on producing their transcript summaries. It’s delivered alongside the certified transcript, formatted in a page-line style and can be easily modified,” states Mike Murray, director of technical and creative solutions at Veritext. “The best part is that Smart Summary is created with the same data security standards that Veritext is known for – which means that even though it’s AI-generated content, legal teams don’t have to worry about their confidential information being shared or showing up somewhere public.”

Smart Summary will be returned with all transcripts delivered before May 1 at no additional cost. To learn more about Smart Summary, visit

AI & Legal Tech

Webinar: Balancing Artificial Intelligence Innovations, Best Practices, and Ethics in Legal Proceedings

On Wednesday, March 13, at 2:00 p.m. EDT, we are hosting a webinar to explore how to balance artificial intelligence innovations, best practices, and ethics in legal proceedings. More information here:

Testimonial Technology Article

Featured Article: Harnessing Technological Advancements in Testimonial Evidence Management and Presentation

By Mike Murray

Reprinted with the permission of  Mike Murray, Director of Client Solutions, and International Legal Technology Association. This article was originally published in winter 2023.

Technology is changing how we handle testimonial evidence. Read about the advancements here:

Featured Article: The Rise of AI in Court Reporting Technology

By Mike Murray

Reprinted with the permission of  Mike Murray, Director of Client Solutions, and This article was originally published January 12, 2024.

Learn about how new technologies are shaping the legal industry in the article, “The Rise of AI in Court Reporting Technology,” by Mike Murray, Veritext’s Director of Technical and Creative Solutions.

Featured Article: Testimonial Evidence Technology Is Transforming the Litigation Landscape

By Tony Donofrio and Mike Murray

Reprinted on with the permission of  Mike Murray, Director of Client Solutions, and This article was originally published in November 2023.

Check out the recent article, “Testimonial Evidence Technology Is Transforming the Litigation Landscape,” featured in the November issue of Cybersecurity Law & Strategy on Written by Tony Donofrio (Veritext Chief Technology Officer) and Mike Murray (Veritext’s Director of Technical and Creative Solutions), this article covers innovative ways that you can utilize technology to manage, capture and present evidence with the latest legal service technologies.


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All New Canadian Webinar: E-trials Simplified

Take a tour of the current E-TRIAL trends and technology with some of Canada’s leading experts!

On May 18, we are excited to present an in-depth look at the benefits of e-trials in this complimentary one-hour webinar. Christy Pratt, Vice President of Veritext Canada along with special guests Rose Singh, CEO of Triage Data Solutions, and Ryan Snushall, Account Executive for Case Center will explore advancing technologies and discuss best practices for managing, presenting, and marking documents, while sharing practical easy-to-use tips for conducting a successful e-trial in Canada.

We hope to see you there!

See the link below for more information and to register for this in-demand webinar.