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A New Canadian Webinar: Treatment of Indigenous Language in Legal Transcripts

Join Nigel Baker-Grenier, J.D. of White Raven Law, and Mike Parkhill O. Ont. Founder of SayITFirst. Together we will explore the relationship between counsel, Indigenous witnesses and the court reporter


Be sure to join the upcoming MyVeritext 3.0 Tours and discover how to schedule with ease, connect to remote sessions and find files fast while navigating the all new interface of our complimentary web portal.

We have a selection of dates available in July and August. You can register here!

All New Canadian Webinar: E-trials Simplified

Take a tour of the current E-TRIAL trends and technology with some of Canada’s leading experts!

On May 18, we are excited to present an in-depth look at the benefits of e-trials in this complimentary one-hour webinar. Christy Pratt, Vice President of Veritext Canada along with special guests Rose Singh, CEO of Triage Data Solutions, and Ryan Snushall, Account Executive for Case Center will explore advancing technologies and discuss best practices for managing, presenting, and marking documents, while sharing practical easy-to-use tips for conducting a successful e-trial in Canada.

We hope to see you there!

See the link below for more information and to register for this in-demand webinar.

Upcoming Webinars for Court Reporters

Here in Canada and across the United States, Veritext has always supported the continued growth and education of our court reporters. One way we do this is through NCRA CEU accredited webinars.

One such webinar that may be of interest to you is this one (link in image):

You can learn more about our other educational opportunities at our partner portal.

Please refer to your NCRA or association membership cycle before attending our webinars for CEU credit. 

Free Webinar: Unlock the hidden potential of Realtime Court Reporting

Make the most of Realtime reporting. Learn to unlock the hidden potential of CaseViewNet’s free realtime viewing software.

This is a FREE webinar hosted by Reportex, a Veritext Company on May 25 at 12:00 p.m. Plus earn 1 hour of CPD Credits.

Do you know what realtime reporting is? Simply put, it is the instantaneous translation of spoken proceedings directly into text enabling counsel to read and annotate text in realtime during the proceedings anywhere in the world via an encrypted connection using a program called CaseViewNet.

CaseViewNet is a free transcript viewer created by Stenograph. CaseViewNet provides interactive realtime access to testimony through the court reporter’s private wifi network or a wired connection, and it updates all edits during the session.

Realtime court reporting can free lawyers from taking extensive handwritten notes, but that’s not all it can do.
This one-hour webinar will show you:

  • The difference between the desktop, cloud and iPad versions of CaseViewNet
  • What are annotations, marks and notes – and when you should use them
  • How to set up issue codes before court
  • How to use the dynamic index feature
  • How to work with a team – and the court reporter – to ensure the best results

Space is limited. Please click here to reserve your spot!

Reporter Series: Workshop Announcement

Mark your calendars for April 23! We are pleased to have Janice Plomp present a new workshop for our reporter team.

We have a two and a half hour powerhouse session with Janice Plomp, Case Catalyst trainer extraordinaire, to guide us through AccelerWriters and Power Defines. This workshop will include a short break and a Q&A session at the end.

This workshop is open to all reporters across Canada and will cover the following:

  • Macros and AccelerWriters
  • Power Defines
  • Scan Defines
  • Speaker Defines

There will be plenty of time for a Q&A session with Janice and co-host Leanne Kowalyk, RCR, our director of court reporting (Canada).

Join us on April 23, 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PDT on Zoom. Please register here as space is limited.

About Janice Plomp, RDR, CRR, CRC, CRI

After 28 years as an official reporter and CART captioner, Janice joined the NAIT Captioning and Court Reporting program in 2010 as a full-time instructor. There she has the privilege of sharing her experience and passion for the profession with the next generation of reporters. She is a member of the Alberta Shorthand Reporters Association, the British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association and the National Court Reporters Association, and she currently serves on the NCRA Test Advisory Committee.

As a Stenograph certified independent training agent, Janice enjoys helping reporters discover the latest and greatest features that Case Catalyst has to offer. She believes in fun, friendly and relaxed workshops that allow reporters to get hands-on. 

“I want you to feel confident applying the skills you learn today to the job you take tomorrow.”
— Janice

Put Your Best Face Forward For Your Next Virtual Proceeding

Join us on March 29, 2022, for our FREE Webinar.

Pro Tips for Virtual Proceedings: Tips and tricks for making sure your next presentation leaves the right impression.

Put your best face forward for your next virtual proceeding. There is no doubt that the last two years have changed how people manage themselves and their businesses.  The legal profession has not been untouched as firms and courtrooms adapted quickly to a new digital age. As virtual proceedings pave a new way forward, more legal professionals are exploring tools to enhance their online persona.  First impressions count on and off the digital screen.  

This hour-long CPD webinar is packed with actionable tips for the tech-savvy and the technophobic alike to make sure you are at your professional best when taking the case online. This webinar will answer these five questions and much more: What hardware should I choose, and how do I use it? How do I use filters and virtual backgrounds? How can I ensure clear audio and video? What is the best lighting and camera angle? What can I do to look good on Zoom?

Join us on March 29 at 12:00 p.m. PT via Zoom.

Space IS limited. Register here to attend.

Are you Ready for Court Reporting & Captioning Week?

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) has designated February 5th to 12th as the time to recognize and celebrate your decision to make court reporting and captioning your career. 

We are happy to do our part in recognizing this week, so watch our social channels to see how we recognize our first Court Reporting & Captioning Week as part of the Veritext team.

Christy Pratt, our regional vice president, Canada West, is now on the Veritext Peer Advisory Council (VPAC). On February 9th she and her fellow council members are hosting what should be a lively discussion about their top tips, tricks and resources for stenographic court reporting students, recent grads and steno professionals. You can register here for this event.

This is the week to share your stories and experiences and tell the world why you love your job.

Throughout the week Leanne Kowalyk, realtime court reporter and our director of court reporting, Canada, will be sharing information and stories about the benefits of choosing court reporting as your career. The following week on February 15 she will be speaking to the captioning and court reporting students at NAIT about her advice and strategies on becoming a successful court reporter. She will also be interviewing a current student, who will share her experience in the program.

Recently we asked Leanne to look into her crystal ball, and she told us:

“I believe there will always be exciting opportunities for court reporters across Canada. Will there be changes along the way? Of course. Evolution is a necessary part of sustainable opportunity. The more doors that reporters have open before them, the more opportunities they will have, and there truly are so many.”

Complex Cases Simplified: Gaining Logistical Control From Calendaring to Courtroom (Revisited)

We are pleased to rebroadcast this webinar for those who missed it in December. Join us on February 9 at 12:00 p.m. PT for a FREE one-hour webinar.

This informative webinar will give you the opportunity to earn one hour of CPD credits and learn about the tools and practices available to you when taking on a complex case in today’s technology-filled world.

Courts, lawyers and mediators have been using digital tools to enhance the entire legal system from discovery all the way through to hearings and trials. The ability to expand access to court proceedings that were once hampered by distance or scale is now encouraging more people to embrace a wider use of technology across the legal industry. Our team is here to help you navigate the process of adopting this innovative technology.

This one-hour webinar will take you through the key areas of managing a large or complex case with the latest in legal technology. The webinar will take a dive into the tools and services available for managing document production and examinations for discovery as well as other e-solutions for complex proceedings.  

This includes the following:

  • What IS a Complex Case?
  • Security concerns
  • Document depositories
  • Virtual discoveries
  • Paperless exhibits
  • Virtual trials

Space is limited, so please register here to secure your spot.