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Press Release: Veritext Legal Solutions Releases Smart Summary

Livingston, New Jersey – March 13, 2024 – Veritext Legal Solutions, the leader in court reporting services and innovative litigation support solutions, today announces the release of Smart Summary, an AI-generated and editable draft summarization of the official proceeding transcript.

Smart Summary is delivered alongside the certified transcript and provides legal teams with efficiency when it comes to case strategy and the transcript summarization process. With Smart Summary, the legal team has access to a draft page-line summary in an editable format to easily mark up text and highlight key testimony.

Benefits of Smart Summary include:

  • Convenient delivery with the certified transcript and access anytime via the MyVeritext web portal.
  • Access to the power of AI without the risks of open engine models training, storing or using sensitive and confidential information.
  • Production in adherence to Veritext’s stringent data security protocols.
  • Delivery in Microsoft Word so the summary can be modified, highlighted, etc.
  • Preformatting for the needs of legal teams, including transcript page-line references alongside summarization.
  • A quality review by a human before being sent to a client.

“Smart Summary uses the power of AI to give legal teams a head start on producing their transcript summaries. It’s delivered alongside the certified transcript, formatted in a page-line style and can be easily modified,” states Mike Murray, director of technical and creative solutions at Veritext. “The best part is that Smart Summary is created with the same data security standards that Veritext is known for – which means that even though it’s AI-generated content, legal teams don’t have to worry about their confidential information being shared or showing up somewhere public.”

Smart Summary will be returned with all transcripts delivered before May 1 at no additional cost. To learn more about Smart Summary, visit