Remote Proceedings: Comparing the Zoom and WebEx Platforms

Remote discoveries and mediations have now become the new normal and as things continue to evolve, so do the tools and platforms available to you. Security, effectiveness and ease are all equally integral and at Reportex, we are continuing to monitor the rapidly changing landscape carefully to provide our clients with the best possible resources and support.

What sets us apart to ensure your security?

In addition to handling all the admin and setup for remote proceedings (including obtaining and managing email addresses for all participants), our Systems Director and qualified technicians are following each new security development in the Zoom and WebEx platforms and are implementing solutions to provide our clients with the highest level of cybersecurity and service quality.  Here are just a few things that we do for every remote proceeding we host:

  • Reportex ALWAYS uses a unique login and password protection for all remote proceedings (including discoveries, mediations and arbitrations). 
  • We ALWAYS enable the ‘waiting room’ feature so that no one can join the meeting without express approval of the Reportex technician.
  • We ALWAYS disable the ‘chat’ feature so that witnesses and other participants cannot use the platform to chat with someone outside the discovery or mediation.
  • We ALWAYS have a dedicated Reportex Technician on hand at all times who is monitoring the platform. The technician can remove non-permitted users from participating or sharing any content with the group and can prevent them from rejoining the meeting.
  • We NEVER double up on setup options, meaning there is always a freshly generated Room ID for each unique proceeding.
  • We NEVER allow people to share documents through the ‘chat’ screen but instead use the ‘share’ function, which is secure.
  • We NEVER use the recording feature, and our technicians and reporters are constantly watching to ensure that this feature is not engaged.
  • Your Reportex technician is ALWAYS available to provide training and support and to deal with any security or technical issues that may arise during your proceeding.

When working with Reportex, you can be assured that our Systems Director and qualified technicians are following each new development and are managing solutions to provide our clients with the highest level of security and quality experience.

Comparing the Zoom and WebEx platforms

We have created this comparison chart of the relevant features of both Zoom and WebEx.  Please note that since the free version of Zoom only permits a 40-minute meeting session, we have not included this platform.

FeatureZoom ‘Pro’ LicenceWebEx ‘Free’ LicenceWebEx ‘Training’ Licence
Freshly generated meeting ID and password created for each unique meeting***
Apply a virtual background**
(iOS only)
(iOS only)
Touch up your appearance*  
‘Waiting Room’ feature (to prevent unauthorized access)***
Mute audio and stop video***
Participants can change their display name after logging in*  
Host can change participants’ display name after logging in*  
Prevent participants from changing their display name after logging in*  
Lock the meeting to prevent participants from joining after a certain time***
Non-hosts can invite other participants***
Make another participant the host/presenter***
Chat feature***
Disable the chat feature***
Breakout rooms* *
Ability to join a breakout room you are not assigned to   
Leave a breakout room and re-enter the main session area unannounced n/a*
Show documents or screen within the platform without uploading to US server***
Allow remote control of a document to another participant***
Record feature***

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John Moshonas, Whitelaw Twining