Security & Remote Services Update

Reportex continues to provide secure, user-friendly facilitation of remote services utilizing the Zoom and WebEx platforms.  Next up in our extensive testing by our Systems Team at Reportex is MS Teams.  Upon initial review, Teams does not offer a breakout room feature, so it’s not a solution for mediations; however, it was recently approved for use within the provincial government, so we are testing its suitability for discoveries and hearings. 

There are literally dozens of additional videoconferencing platforms (such as GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Blue Jeans, etc.), and we will investigate and test these programs for potential use.  If your firm requires you to use a specific platform, please let us know so we can try to accommodate your needs.

At this time there has been no official directive by either the courts, the Law Society or any of the various lawyer associations regarding which platforms are approved by the courts. That said, the court of appeal recently announced that they will be hearing matters via Zoom.  We understand that the BC Supreme Court is currently testing the MS Teams platform as well. 


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