A look back at our (R)evolution so far

Back in January of 2021 we introduced you to our own revolution or (R)evolution as we called it because that better reflects not only the growth and additions to the services that we offer but how we as a team are managing it all. We feel we are not just adapting to the ‘new normal, but rather pushing forward and creating it.

As we look to a new year now, let us take a brief look at our vision for the last year and review some of our (R)evolution posts.

The first was from January 2021.


The next one was posted the following month and explores the values behind our (R)evolution.


The next post is from August of last year and highlights the value behind our new partnership with the Veritex family.


And the last one I will share is our (re)introduction to our e-solutions services as technology is at the heart of all that we offer to our clients.


Our goals for 2022 are that we continue to align as a community, sharing our expertise, finding ways to provide mentorship and opportunities, and especially helping to sustain this incredible industry for years to come. We continue to face challenges both in our legal system and in our world but we’re also on the cusp of some exciting and innovative developments across the board.

Happy New Year to you all.