Envisioning the Path Forward

A Letter From Christy Pratt, Regional Vice President, Canada-West – Veritext (Canada)

With 2021 firmly in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to step into this new year with a fresh perspective! We’ve all become somewhat of virtual experts in this new virtual world, and this way of living and working isn’t just an interim solution — it has taken on a life of its own. 

The legal and court reporting communities pivoted in record time back in 2020, and we spent 2021 ironing out the kinks and building and improving connections — both literally and figuratively — because we needed to. In fact connection was our team’s mantra for the year.

I see 2022 as the year where we get to choose how we work and live, where we get to celebrate our ability to make decisions without restriction. 2022 will afford us the freedom to work from home or from somewhere else because we want to and we can. The world we left behind in 2020 is long gone, but what it gives us is the opportunity to shape our future.

The vision I hold for our industry is that the technology and virtual opportunities that we have firmly embraced are going to serve us extremely well into the future, and the opportunities to utilize smart, effective tech connections are only going to get bigger and better. We’ve all seen what is possible — what can happen — when we are inspired to get creative and find new ways to connect. Now it’s time to build on this powerful foundation, to continue to adapt and shift and to see what other extraordinary court reporting initiatives and flexible e-solutions we can bring to the Canadian market — and to the world.