Watch This Space for Our Vision of the Future

2022 is off and running, and despite the seemingly unending gloom from COVID restrictions and fears, we are going full steam ahead with our vision for the future of our new national branding as we transform into Veritext (Canada). 

Our vision includes a few improvements to our blog and the type of content we share with you. Over the next few months you will see news and updates about legal services and legal technology, not just for our clients’ benefit but for our partners and court reporters across Canada.

We want this site to be your go-to for all your needs when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of legal tech and how it is influencing the world of court reporting.

Watch this space for information about our partners across Canada and the specialized services they offer.

Watch this space to learn more about the highly trained court reporters that work with us.

Watch this space to see more learning opportunities for our clients and court reporters.

We welcome any input about what you need to know more about when it comes to our services and how we can help you.