Complex Cases Simplified: Gaining Logistical Control From Calendaring to Courtroom (Revisited)

We are pleased to rebroadcast this webinar for those who missed it in December. Join us on February 9 at 12:00 p.m. PT for a FREE one-hour webinar.

This informative webinar will give you the opportunity to earn one hour of CPD credits and learn about the tools and practices available to you when taking on a complex case in today’s technology-filled world.

Courts, lawyers and mediators have been using digital tools to enhance the entire legal system from discovery all the way through to hearings and trials. The ability to expand access to court proceedings that were once hampered by distance or scale is now encouraging more people to embrace a wider use of technology across the legal industry. Our team is here to help you navigate the process of adopting this innovative technology.

This one-hour webinar will take you through the key areas of managing a large or complex case with the latest in legal technology. The webinar will take a dive into the tools and services available for managing document production and examinations for discovery as well as other e-solutions for complex proceedings.  

This includes the following:

  • What IS a Complex Case?
  • Security concerns
  • Document depositories
  • Virtual discoveries
  • Paperless exhibits
  • Virtual trials

Space is limited, so please register here to secure your spot.