Connect Series: Meet Kris Bergado

Kris is another friendly face at the Vancouver office. He is the office services coordinator for Reportex and works with reception/client services as well as the catering department to ensure all in-house operations are running smoothly for clients and staff. Kris was born in the Philippines but grew up in Ottawa. He moved to Vancouver as part of his love for travel and new experiences. He solo traveled 16 countries in two years while making many international friends through his travels. His employment experiences include working for one of the biggest companies in the hotel industry as well as one of the finest luxury hotels in Vancouver.

Kris is another artist in our midst, like Shannan. We seem to attract a creative bunch!

You appear to have a passion for travel and meeting people. Can you tell us where the urge to learn architecture comes from? 

Growing up, I always had a fascination for ornamental structures. Seeing all the beautiful statues and little details that make a building pop really appealed to me. Things like incorporating the surroundings to create a picturesque look really excited me. I thought maybe I could create something like that myself one day. Maybe not as ornamental, but something that would capture people’s attention.

We have been discussing wellness on the blog and in our internal Slack channels. Do you have a favourite way to recharge or any tips to share on staying well?

Wellness is an important thing to me! Most of my free time is spent at the gym, but I also like to give my mental health a break and take the time to sit down and pop a bottle of wine and snuggle with my dog.

At Reportex our core values of team, mentorship, equality, community and industry are central to what we do. Which of these values resonates most with you and why?

Out of all the core values community and team were the two that I immediately felt strongly about.  As a fairly new staffer I was introduced to team-building events, such as paint night and Cinco de Mayo. It’s nice to just chat and laugh with your fellow colleagues and just be in the present.

You have been an integral part of the move to our new floors. What excites you the most about the new space?

The new space is awesome! This might be a simple answer, but I love the windows and how so much natural light comes into the space. No need to go outside for your daily dose of vitamin D.

We’re glad you are enjoying the new HQ, Kris, and we are thrilled that you see how important our core values are to us. Reportex firmly believes in supporting and keeping connected with all our staff and contractors. Internal communications and support are equally important as external, and we feel that helps make our team so great at what they do.