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Welcome to Our New Offices

They say that the best way to predict your future is to create it.

So that’s what we’re doing! 

Welcome to the 7th floor. This is Reportex 2.0.

As you may have seen on our social media for the past few months, we have been teasing the opening of our brand new, mindfully designed, tech-forward headquarters on the seventh and eighth floors of our building in downtown Vancouver (conveniently connected by an internal staircase). Well, pandemic or not, the day has come to unveil our latest evolution, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.  

Our new address is 700 – 925 West Georgia Street (same building, different floor!).

We have a meeting room designed specifically for you.

With 20,000 square feet of thoughtful extras we have our clients’ needs in mind. Our new HQ is designed to enhance effective virtual, hybrid and in-person communications, and each room is uniquely designed around your needs.

Here are just a few of the features you can expect:

  • MORE SPACE. 33 boardrooms, moveable walls to offer flexible and spacious options, four private caucus rooms and a gorgeous restaurant-grade chef’s kitchen.
  • Vault-like soundproofing. The walls are constructed full height, with soundproof plenum insulation in the ceiling above. They are filled with Roxul insulation as well as an acoustical sealant on tracks, joints and outlets. The doors are solid core in design, with drop seals when closed, and acoustical door seals are on all the door frames. 
  • For your safety and security there is a master digital sign-in —no need to remain at reception. All our boardrooms are outfitted with digital signage to guide you to where you need to be, and our team is always available to provide our top-notch client care.
  • Every single boardroom is set up with leading-edge technology. There are monitors for remote attendees and videoconferencing, and all our boardroom tables are equipped for data, power and USB ports.
  • Comfortable, private and spacious areas. We have arranged the space so that the rooms on the north side are designed for mediations, with breakout spaces and lounge areas; the south side is designed for examinations for discovery and larger meetings.
  • Custom art inspired by our beautiful province to engage the senses and create a beautiful west coast vibe.

Expert court reporters. Exceptional service. Thoughtful extras. Everything you need for a successful legal proceeding.

Read more about our mindful design choices.

While we will continue to provide virtual and hybrid proceedings until we can all safely return to work (and even after that), any in-office bookings you have at headquarters will now take place in this beautiful new space, supported by thorough protocols to keep you safe. Plexiglass, temperature checks and routine sanitization (among other things) have been commonplace for months now, and we deeply appreciate your flexibility in adapting to all of it.

At Reportex we have always expressed our commitment to growth and opportunity. As a team we look for possibility in everything that we endeavour to do. If ever there was a time to look for the silver linings in a challenging situation, it is now.

The development of this new space was already underway long before the pandemic took hold, and our team has been continually expanding since day one. So despite the unusual circumstances of this past year there was simply no stopping us. In order to be able to push forward, we have been fortunate to find some pivot points to help support our team and our clients during this challenging time.

The silver lining in this is that we were able to take the time to design an incredible space that our clients and team will be excited to return to when we are able.

“This new office is a physical example of the fact that the work we do is in continuous collaboration with how we do it. With 20,000 square feet of state-of-the art custom-built litigation space, each shiny new boardroom is fully equipped with the technology needed to support the important work of our unique clients. With flexible mediation and arbitration space and the capability for a myriad of virtual and hybrid proceedings, blended with a stylish sensibility and gourmet catering to enjoy while in the office, our vision for a full-service facility is exemplary of the type of innovation that has been carefully considered in this build.

Our team has made these mindful choices to enhance the experience of being a client of Reportex, which not only serves a practical purpose but broadens the horizons of our work as we continue to adapt to a new landscape.”

— Megan Ejack, Director of Marketing and Communications

As we plan our eventual return to the workplace, our team will continue to use this silver-lining time to evaluate the needs of our clients and associates. As the courts continue to evolve, we will remain on the leading edge of the developing legal technology.

Of course, we’re excited to eventually celebrate (with some actual wine and some actual cheese), but in the meantime we will be offering creative ways for you to explore the space with us, so stay tuned!

For those of you who do find yourselves in the office, we welcome your feedback — please stop by our stylish new reception area and chat with one of our team members.

Hope to see you soon!